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Makris Legal proudly serves the Tampa Bay Area by practicing Real Estate Law, Landlord Law, Business Law, Contract Drafting, Negotiations, and Consulting.  Below are some of the services that Makris Legal provides.  If you do not see what you are looking for below, please reach out to Makris Legal on the Contact page for more information.


There are different ways a landlord can evict a tenant, whether it is due to non-payment of rent, breaching the lease agreement, or the landlord wants his property back.  At Makris Legal, we can help you decide the best eviction route to take for a quick and speedy eviction to help you save time and money.

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Is that friend you let crash on your couch refusing to leave?  Did you break up with your significant other and want them out of your home?  Or do you have an adult child that you do not living at home anymore?  If so, Makris Legal can help you remove them by means of unlawful detainer.



Whether you are an experienced landlord with multiple properties, a new landlord just starting out with your first rental property, or if you are a tenant who needs advice on a rental agreement, Makris Legal can help!  Makris Legal provides consulting services for landlords and tenants regarding both residential and commercial tenancies.

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When it comes to drafting a lease agreement for a residential and commercial property, it is important that your lease is air-tight, legally binding, and contains provisions that are not inequitable in a Court of Law. Here at Makris Legal we can satisfy all of your drafting needs in order to ensure you have an air-tight lease that complies with Florida law.

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When it comes to entity formation, look no further than Makris Legal. Here at Makris Legal, we can advise you on the proper business structure for your entity, whether you are looking for a corporation (INC), limited liability company (LLC), partnership, limited liability limited partnership (LLLP), and more, and we can get you set up from A to Z.

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In the state of Florida, all corporations and limited liability companies are required to have a registered agent.  When retaining Makris Legal to serve as your entity's registered agent, we serve as an added layer of protection for your entity by accepting legal documents, such as writs, summons, or other legal papers, which your entity is required to respond.



Every year between January 1st and April 30th, every Corporation and Limited Liability Company is required to file an annual report in order to maintain an active status in Florida.  If an annual report is filed after April 30th, your entity will face a late penalty and could potentially be administratively dissolved by the Florida Department of State.  Here at Makris Legal, we can take the burden off your entity and file your entity's annual report to ensure you do not miss any deadlines or risk the entity becoming administratively dissolved.



During life there are times when you will need a contract.  Whether it is a purchase agreement, a business buyout, an operating agreement, or even a deed.  Makris Legal is able to fulfill all of your contract drafting needs.  Additionally, Makris Legal can also handle drafting your Quitclaim deed, General Warranty deed, or a Special Warranty deed.

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If you are a homeowner, business owner, or have some kind of loan, you more than likely have a contract.  At Makris Legal we can help you understand the contract, whether you have already signed it or if you are getting ready to sign.

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At Makris Legal we can represent you when negotiating the terms of a contract.  Makris Legal can handle a wide variety of contracts, all the way from a business buyout contract to a simple agreement between a friend, and anything in-between.

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